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Guild Introduction: Lodge of Sorceresses


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  • Ipsissimus

large.Screenshot_20210307_192330.pngLodge of Sorceresses is Maintaining Sustainable PvE Endgame!!!

We are recruiting active players, enthusiastic about doing content in ESO. 

In regards to PvE, we offer possibility to grow towards the Endgame (progressive veteran Trials) through what we call "Midgame" content (veteran DLC Dungeons & Arenas). We try to organize Midgame content in a daily basis.



  • Need CP 300+ Midgamers (dungeoneers) who can play the game 2-3 evenings a week minimum.
  • Need CP 600+ Endgamers (raiders) who play the game 3-4 evenings a week minimum. Endgamers need to have some veteran trial experience (don't be total newbie please): having cleared our Tier-2 trial curriculum is a big plus.
  • Need potential recruits to have 100% game content access (ESO+ or its equivalent).
  • Need new members to be active: participation in 3 content every week (Midgame or Endgame) during first 2 months of your membership is mandatory. All 3 can be done in 1 day.

What We Provide?

  • History of 4 years of PvE Endgame veteran content experience...
  • 5-Tier-based Midgame and Endgame veteran content progression... with team-building in mind...
  • Special focus on Midgame (DLC Dungeon) content...  We hold Weekend Midgame Challenges every week, with gold rewards!!!
  • Fun environment to do PvE - absolutely zero elitism, patience and tolerance towards new/unskilled players and such... with certain quality expectations in place...
  • Fully automated guild; run by home-made software that runs whole thing... with fully integrated premium forums and gallery...
  • Discord - where we socialize, which is our primary guild chat...
  • Premium Furnished Guild Housing - where you can find Crafting & Transmutation Stations, Mundus Stones and ever growing cool decoration for your seeing pleasure...
  • Youtube Channel - where we stream many events we do as a guild...

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  • Ipsissimus

Ranking System in Lodge (ESO Guild)

Due to the PvE-related projects we are developing for our guild, the ranking system once again, is seeing a major overhaul. 

Ranks now are based on the skills of player's and/or the projects they are part of. There are no social ranks anymore! And only members who have been cleared for content tier have access to the Guild Bank (generally meaning Neophyte and above).

Following ranks have been established throughout the guild:

  • Initiate are the members who haven't been cleared for any content tier. All members of this rank should be receiving their initial inspection by a relevant officer, for their builds and gear, based on the project they were recruited for. 
  • Neophyte is a main rank for the members who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Tier-1 content.
  • Practicus is a main rank for the members who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Tier-2 content.
  • Adeptus Minor is a main rank for the members who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Tier-3 content.
  • Adeptus Major is a main rank for the members who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Tier-4 content.
  • Dominus Liminis is a meta-rank for our PvE Core members. Being part of a Core, they do vTrials with a stable group of raiders, in certain days of week.
  • Centurion rank isn't being used at the moment.
  • Adeptus Exemptus is a meta rank granted to our 6+ weeks old members, which makes them exempt from Guild membership requirements. These 6+ weeks must have consecutive 6 weeks of pristine fulfillment of Attendance requirement.
  • Magister Templi - Officers within the Guild. In addition to classic managerial permissions, they also can Release Alliance Resources in Cyrodiil. Person of this rank cannot be absent for more than 10 days (without notice)!
  • Ipsissimus - Leader of the guild.


Edited by Glevissig (Gelmir)
Adeptus Exemptus is granted after 6 weeks of Attendance fulfillment.

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  • Ipsissimus

Lodge Open Initiative Welcomes PvE Fans To Participate In Our Open Events! No Guild Membership Required!!! CP-500+ Only!

As you learned in the previous step, in Lodge we do PvE content with Tier-based Content Clearance system in mind. Initially we started this idea only for our own guild members, but later on (around mid-2019) we decided to increase the scope of this project beyond the limits of our guild, under Open Initiative banner.

In a nutshell: the CP-500+ players who can't afford joining Lodge for one or another reason, are welcome to join our Discord server, and participate in PvE group content (a.k.a. open-events), primarily vTrials, and/or Midgame (DLC vDungeons and vArenas). As it is the case with our own guild members, the Open Initiative guests of our Discord server (also called "Soulshriven", named after that Discord tag we assign to them) go through our Guild Planner (this website), by submitting their character profiles and getting cleared for Tier-levels. This process is quite straight-forward and fully automated.

image.png image.png


Guild Planner & Discord Server - Tight Intergration

As we developed our Guild Planner, we tightly integrated it with Discord. All our members and Soulshriven alike create their accounts through Discord OAuth Login. And as they use Guild Planner's different features, our Discord server reacts to their different actions (e.g. DPS Parse submission) and notifies them and other members of our community about them. E.g. in below screenshots you can see the report on our Discord server when a user submits a DPS Parse via our Guild Planner, and another report when that parse is approved by our officers.


image.png image.png


The Goal of Open Initiative

To create a platform for a quality "PUGs". Instead of having a random group of players, we aim to realize groups where each participant's skills and/or experience levels are known to the rest of the team. This in turn increases the chances of completion of the content we organize, and gives opportunity to players to get to know each other and us (Lodge community and its member-base).


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  • Ipsissimus

The following are the membership requirements in Lodge of Sorceresses. Players joining our guild need to understand and be able to fulfill them:

  1. We only accept CP 160+ players to our guild. If you haven't reached this Champion rank, please do not apply.
  2. We expect in average minimum 3-4 evenings/week availability from our members. Please do not apply if you barely can login once or twice a week. Players who work in shifts and might not be around every two or three weeks are welcome to apply - we've had such active members in our guild and as such, we try to be inclusive towards them, as long as they are willing to be online as much as possible.
  3. We are interested only in motivated player-base. Those who are burnt out from the game and are rather aggressively interested only in certain type of content (e.g. vCR+3 progression only, or certain achievement progression only etc), shouldn't apply to our guild. We need long-term members who are rather energetic and motivated about playing the game mid- to long-term.
  4. Every guild member has to have 100% game content access, i.e. having access to all DLCs. This rule also covers the latest content expansions (Greymoor, as of this writing) after 6 months of their release date (i.e. our members are free to postpone purchasing it until 6 months after it is released; in current example, the ownership of Blackwood will be mandatory after Dec 1st of this year. This exception isn't usual for our guild to have, but considering the current world we live in, with COVID-19 and its effects on all of us, Lodge decided to make it one - a temporary exception which is a reasonable thing to do).

    Please do not apply to the guild if you don't and/or can't meet this requirement. Generally having the latest expansion pack (once it is 6+ months old) along with ESO+ subscription does the trick. Having all DLCs purchased via Crown Store is also a possible alternative to ESO+.
  5. Attendance requirement of 3-content-a-week activity routine. In a nutshell, every CP 500+ guild member need to do 3 content every week (of Midgame and/or Endgame type), in a regular fashion. For Core members this requirement happens automatically, since they do 3-day-a-week raiding. For a non-Core members any 3 Midgame (DLC vDungeons & vArenas) or Endgame (open-vTrials) content done within a week does the trick. Doing these 3 content doesn't need to be in different days: one can do all of them within a single day. For Attendance to count, at least half of any eligible group needs to be Lodge members (2 of 4-person group or 6 of 12-person group). Additionally, in future, during Core-building, the members with the best Attendance track record will be preferred the most. So please try to be as active as possible. The more content we do with guildies, the better our future raiders will have a chance to train and improve (especially fresh players).

    Attendance requirement is tracked automatically by our bot @Dandelion, via our Discord server and Guild Planner. You can see your Attendance record in your User Profile on the Planner.

    As you might have guessed, the members between CP 300-500 are exempt from Attendance requirement. Additionally, after 2 months of continuous Attendance track record, a member is granted Adeptus Exemptus meta-rank which exempts them from any guild requirement whatsoever (immunity for kick due to inactiveness included).
  6. Absence (being offline) for more than a week without notification will result in guild kick. If you plan to be away for an extended period of time, please inform the guild leader.

After 3-4 months of membership, we grant our members a meta-rank of Adeptus Exemptus which exempts them from any guild requirements. With this rank, an exempted member cannot be kicked due to not meeting requirements, or even for not playing the game. We consider Adeptus Exemptus as our old members, as part of our guild's legacy.

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  • Ipsissimus

Following are Lodge of Sorceresses logos with their appropriate PSD source files and demonstration JPG/PNG files.

  • Default transparent logo with black text - logo-5.psd

    Preview - click thumbnail for correct viewing. Its default PNG preview file, that's why it will show background noise surrounding it.

  • Default transparent logo with white text - logo-5-white-text.psd

    Preview - click thumbnail for correct viewing. Its default PNG preview file, that's why it will show background noise surrounding it.

  • Logo with black outside-rim and white-interiorlogo-5-black-outside.psd

    Preview - it is best viewed and used as JPEG image.

  • Logo with white outside-rim and black-interiorlogo-5-white-outside.psd

    Preview - it is best viewed and used as JPEG image.


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