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  2. Following are Lodge of Sorceresses logos with their appropriate PSD source files and demonstration JPG/PNG files. Default transparent logo with black text - logo-5.psd Preview - click thumbnail for correct viewing. Its default PNG preview file, that's why it will show background noise surrounding it. Default transparent logo with white text - logo-5-white-text.psd Preview - click thumbnail for correct viewing. Its default PNG preview file, that's why it will show background noise surrounding it. Logo with black outside-rim and white-interior - logo-5-black-outside.psd Preview - it is best viewed and used as JPEG image. Logo with white outside-rim and black-interior - logo-5-white-outside.psd Preview - it is best viewed and used as JPEG image.
  3. The following are the membership requirements in Lodge of Sorceresses. Players joining our guild need to understand and be able to fulfill them: We only accept CP 160+ players to our guild. If you haven't reached this Champion rank, please do not apply. We expect in average minimum 3-4 evenings/week availability from our members. Please do not apply if you barely can login once or twice a week. Players who work in shifts and might not be around every two or three weeks are welcome to apply - we've had such active members in our guild and as such, we try to be inclusive towards them, as long as they are willing to be online as much as possible. We are interested only in motivated player-base. Those who are burnt out from the game and are rather aggressively interested only in certain type of content (e.g. vCR+3 progression only, or certain achievement progression only etc), shouldn't apply to our guild. We need long-term members who are rather energetic and motivated about playing the game mid- to long-term. Every guild member has to have 100% game content access, i.e. having access to all DLCs. This rule also covers the latest content expansions (Greymoor, as of this writing) after 6 months of their release date (i.e. our members are free to postpone purchasing it until 6 months after it is released; in current example, the ownership of Blackwood will be mandatory after Dec 1st of this year. This exception isn't usual for our guild to have, but considering the current world we live in, with COVID-19 and its effects on all of us, Lodge decided to make it one - a temporary exception which is a reasonable thing to do). Please do not apply to the guild if you don't and/or can't meet this requirement. Generally having the latest expansion pack (once it is 6+ months old) along with ESO+ subscription does the trick. Having all DLCs purchased via Crown Store is also a possible alternative to ESO+. Attendance requirement of 3-content-a-week activity routine. In a nutshell, every CP 500+ guild member need to do 3 content every week (of Midgame and/or Endgame type), in a regular fashion. For Core members this requirement happens automatically, since they do 3-day-a-week raiding. For a non-Core members any 3 Midgame (DLC vDungeons & vArenas) or Endgame (open-vTrials) content done within a week does the trick. Doing these 3 content doesn't need to be in different days: one can do all of them within a single day. For Attendance to count, at least half of any eligible group needs to be Lodge members (2 of 4-person group or 6 of 12-person group). Additionally, in future, during Core-building, the members with the best Attendance track record will be preferred the most. So please try to be as active as possible. The more content we do with guildies, the better our future raiders will have a chance to train and improve (especially fresh players). Attendance requirement is tracked automatically by our bot @Dandelion, via our Discord server and Guild Planner. You can see your Attendance record in your User Profile on the Planner. As you might have guessed, the members between CP 300-500 are exempt from Attendance requirement. Additionally, after 2 months of continuous Attendance track record, a member is granted Adeptus Exemptus meta-rank which exempts them from any guild requirement whatsoever (immunity for kick due to inactiveness included). Absence (being offline) for more than a week without notification will result in guild kick. If you plan to be away for an extended period of time, please inform the guild leader. After 3-4 months of membership, we grant our members a meta-rank of Adeptus Exemptus which exempts them from any guild requirements. With this rank, an exempted member cannot be kicked due to not meeting requirements, or even for not playing the game. We consider Adeptus Exemptus as our old members, as part of our guild's legacy.
  4. Shadows of Tamriel Battle-hardened Kitties
  5. Asardes


    There was another random guy too but we kicked him because he died too much.
  6. This group is all pugs, and as such can't be considered towards attendance. Sorry!
  7. I was leading this I think this is a DLC dungeon I have all of them unlocked so cant really tell but hey ho. =)
  8. Please enable ESO IDs instead of Character names, on nameplates.
  9. Never ran that before but lucky to have the team and Asardes who was an amazing dungeon guide!
  10. Enjoyable instance had not been there before so was nice to learn the mechanics. I played on my new DK, this is my first couple of weeks into the DK Stam Main tank class. Coming from templar Mag tank there are a lot of differences. Got some useful tips. I really enjoyed @Karrypto, he has a very strong willingness to learn as well. I hope we allow him the opportunity to grow. He was already doing quite descent as a DPS and was taking new idea very well. Asardes is a player with a large amount of good knowledge. @Heims came in with a great temperament and was able to show me some great tactics.
  11. Asardes


    Non-DLC dungeons don't count for attendance
  12. @Asardes @Druny22eso @Arnachide @Davaco
  13. vCR+2 fire and ice, Core group, nice job !
  14. Please consider hiding UI next time (not Toggling it off - the two are different and have different key binds; the latter hides nameplates as well, we don't want that).
  15. Lodge Open Initiative Welcomes PvE Fans To Participate In Our Open Events! No Guild Membership Required!!! CP-500+ Only! As you learned in the previous step, in Lodge we do PvE content with Tier-based Content Clearance system in mind. Initially we started this idea only for our own guild members, but later on (around mid-2019) we decided to increase the scope of this project beyond the limits of our guild, under Open Initiative banner. In a nutshell: the CP-500+ players who can't afford joining Lodge for one or another reason, are welcome to join our Discord server, and participate in PvE group content (a.k.a. open-events), primarily vTrials, and/or Midgame (DLC vDungeons and vArenas). As it is the case with our own guild members, the Open Initiative guests of our Discord server (also called "Soulshriven", named after that Discord tag we assign to them) go through our Guild Planner (this website), by submitting their character profiles and getting cleared for Tier-levels. This process is quite straight-forward and fully automated. Guild Planner & Discord Server - Tight Intergration As we developed our Guild Planner, we tightly integrated it with Discord. All our members and Soulshriven alike create their accounts through Discord OAuth Login. And as they use Guild Planner's different features, our Discord server reacts to their different actions (e.g. DPS Parse submission) and notifies them and other members of our community about them. E.g. in below screenshots you can see the report on our Discord server when a user submits a DPS Parse via our Guild Planner, and another report when that parse is approved by our officers. The Goal of Open Initiative To create a platform for a quality "PUGs". Instead of having a random group of players, we aim to realize groups where each participant's skills and/or experience levels are known to the rest of the team. This in turn increases the chances of completion of the content we organize, and gives opportunity to players to get to know each other and us (Lodge community and its member-base).
  16. Organizing Open Events Since it's inception, our Open Initiative has been designed to include our guild members , as well as our Soulshriven friends. And this encompasses not only participation, but also organization side of things. This means, by design, open-events realized on our Discord server through Open Initiative can also be organized by Soulshriven authorized by us and tagged as regular organizers ("Lieutenants"). If you are interested in regularly planning, organizing and leading such events, please let us know. Open Events Organization Guidelines In time, we devised following Guidelines to help us govern the way open-events (i.e. open vTrials) are organized. These events generally are of three types: progression, farm and score raids, and we will be handling them separately: Open Progression Raids generally don't require prior clearing of the content in any way, unless the Raid is a HM of main content (e.g. vCR+1 is considered an HM of vCR+0, the same way vAA HM is that of regular vAA etc). In the case of being a non-HM (e.g. vCR+0, vAS+0, non-HM vTrials), the related event announcements cannot have any "must have finished", "must have cleared before" or similar statements in them. In the case of being an HM, prior main-raid content clearing maybe and should be stated as a requirement (again, for example, if content is vAA HM, prior clearance of vAA may be, or even, should be, required). In contrary, Open Farm and Score Raids do require prior clearance of the content. Open Progression Raids can require people to read and learn mechanics from guides. They need to explicitly state that, if this is the case. Open Farm and Score Runs on the other hand, already assume you know the mechanics. All Open Raids, as any content we organize, are Tier-based. Open Progression & Farm Raids require the character doing them to have minimum the same Tier-clearance as the content is. E.g. vMOL is Tier-2 content, so only characters with Tier-2 (Practicus) clearance or above can attend those. For Open Score Runs though, the Tier-level requirement is 1 (one) level above of the content. E.g. when a Tier-2 content (e.g. vMOL) is organized as a Score run, only Tier-3 and above characters may attend it. Announcements should mention roles in accordance to this. Short - tl:dr version: Progression Runs: same Tier requirement as the content itself, no prior experience required for non-HMs. Farm Runs: same Tier requirement as the content itself, prior experience required for both non-HMs and HMs. Score Runs: one Tier above requirement than the content itself, prior experience and good knowledge of mechanics are required. Organizers, please make sure your announcements follow these guidelines.
  17. Well done, ty for the fun.
  18. (originally researched by former Rector, a.k.a. Guidance team - @Jaynoel and @Marmoth90 specifically - thanks guys!) Tier-based Content & Ranking System Over the years, we at Lodge have came up with so called "tier-based" content and ranking system, which is based on the content difficulty and the skill-level of people tackling those. This system which is primarily catering towards Endgame progression, content-wise is designed in an increasing difficulty fashion, from Tier-1 to Tier-5, each tier having certain set of Midgame and Endgame content in them, also with certain requirements to attain those content. General idea is to assess the members of our community (guilds members, guests and alike) through different means and determine their Tier-based ranks. Following tier-based ranks are in effect throughout our community: Neophyte represents Tier-1 clearance, Practicus is Tier-2, Adeptus Minor means Tier-3, Adeptus Major is assigned to Tier-4, and finally, Dominus Liminis goes to Tier-5. Neophyte (Tier-1) Content: # Craglorn non-HM vTrials # vet Imperial City Prison + its HM # vet White-Gold Tower + its HM # vet Cradle of Shadows + its HM # vet Ruins of Mazzatun + its HM Requirements: For all: # Being CP 300+ For DDs: # min 40k dps on Trial Dummy For Tanks and Healers: # [Fresh Tanks/Healers only] Having at least 4 full (7/7) crafted tanking/healing sets ready. Dungeon/Arena/Trial/Overland sets are not counted. This generally means Tier-1 player needs to make sure they have crafted sets sorted out, instead of going cheap and neglecting small things like this. Practicus (Tier-2) Content: # Craglorn HM vTrials # vet Asylum Sanctorium +0 # vet Maw of Lorkhaj # vet Cloudrest +0 # vet Sunspire # vet Bloodroot Forge + its HM # vet Falkreath Hold + its HM # vet Scalecaller Peak + its HM # vet Fang Lair + its HM # vet Moon Hunter Keep (non-HM) # vet March of Sacrifices + its HM # vet Depths of Malatar (non-HM) # vet Frostvault (non-HM) # vet Moongrave Fane (non-HM) # vet Lair of Maarselok (non-HM) # vet Icereach (non-HM) # vet Castle Thorn (non-HM) # vet Stone Garden (non-HM) # vet Dragonstar (Group Arena) Requirements: For all: # Being CP 450+ # Having unlocked and maximized all skills and morphs of one's Class, Armor and Build Skill lines. # Having unlocked and maximized all skills and morphs of all Support abilities [list which]. # Having cleared all content from the previous Tiers For DDs: # min 50k dps on Trial Dummy For Tanks and Healers: # Having farmed all necessary tanking/healing sets from the previous Tier For those wishing to join Endgame Progression Groups: # Having finished veteran Solo and Group arenas (no cheesy builds), farming necessary weapons. This applies to all playstyles (Tank, Healer and DD alike): ## vet Maelstrom Arena ## vet Vateshran Hollows ## vet Dragonstar Arena ## vet Blackrose Prison Not required, as this content is Tier-3. # [Core Requirement] Having finished all Midgame HMs of Tier-2 **OR** Having finished Craglorn HMs, plus 2 other vet Trials from Tier-2 Adeptus Minor (Tier-3) Content: # vet Halls of Fabrication + HM # vet Cloudrest +1 # vet Asylum Sanctorium +1 # vet Kyne's Aegis # vet Moon Hunter Keep HM # vet Depths of Malatar HM # vet Frostvault HM # vet Moongrave Fane HM # vet Lair of Maarselok HM # vet Icereach HM # vet Castle Thorn HM # vet Stone Garden HM # vet Blackrose Prison (Group Arena) Requirements: For all: # Being CP 650+ # Having cleared all Trial content from the previous Tiers. # Having cleared all Solo Arenas with Trifecta achievements. For DDs: # min 65k dps on Trial Dummy For Tanks and Healers: # Having farmed all necessary tanking/healing sets from the previous Tier Pure Healer sets to focus for this TIer: # Mender's Ward (Arena, Blackrose Prison) # Perfect Mender's Ward (Arena, Blackrose Prison) Adeptus Major (Tier-4) Content: # vet Maw of Lorkhaj HM # vet Asylum Sanctorium +2 # vet Cloudrest +2, +3 # vet Sunspire HM # vet Kyne's Aegis HMs Requirement: For all: # Being CP 800+ # Having cleared all Trial content from the previous Tiers # Having cleared Solo Arenas with full 15/15 vitality clearance and no sigils. For DDs: # min 75k dps on Trial Dummy For Tanks & Healers: # Having farmed all possible gear (min 5/5) from previous Tiers, being able to compose different combos of different sets effectively, which isn't possible with 5/5 farming only. One should strive towards 5+/5+ as one's gear combos necessitate. Dominus Liminis (Tier-5) Content: # Achievement runs for the previous Tier # Score-pushing, Leaderboards Requirement: For all: # Being CP 1100+ # Having cleared all Trial content from the previous Tiers For DDs: # min 90k dps on Trial Dummy For Tanks & Healers: # [Strong Recommendation] Having farmed all possible gear (min 5/5, striving towards 7/7) from all Tiers # Being able to offer total flexibility of gear and build
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