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Desktop Addon Client v1.1.1: Regular & Microsoft Store Releases

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  • Ipsissimus

Hey everyone,

Happy to announce the release of v1.1.1 of our Desktop Addon Client. You can download it via Import Your Data link in top-right dropdown menu (then navigating to Elder Scrolls Online page). Client can be downloaded both as a Regular Installer or from Microsoft Store.

With v1.1.1, I added a thumbar button to it, which enables uploading all tracked LUA files at once:



We recommend our users to set the Client software to start at launch/login:

Microsoft Store version of the Client app automatically starts at login (this can be changed in your Windows Task Manager).

Regular version of the Client app can be set to to start at login in Settings page of the client.




signatur.jpg  spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

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