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Endgame Core Preparation Reference

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  • Ipsissimus

Dear potential Raid Core Recruit!

Please be advised that, although Lodge is a casual guild in general sense, when it comes to endgame content, we are rather a focused semi-hardcore one. With that in mind, the following are the reference information to help you prepare for your place in our Endgame Core teams...


General Requirements

Requirements stated in our Endgame Progression Guidelines for Cores. Please read it carefully!


Level Required

To join our Raid Core, minimum Tier-2 Content Clearance is required.


Roles Needed

As we start with vTrials, we will need a single role from you with minimum acceptable skill level (generally Tier-system covers that automatically). But in a long run, especially as your Core grows in the difficulty of content they do, you'll need to have your character(s) - at least your main character - ready, spec'ed and mastered for raids; and grown to higher Tier levels your Core demands.


Gear In General

You will need to have recommended sets for your role farmed from dungeons and easy/PUGable trials, the rest - crafted. For trials, all gear needs to be minimum in epic quality (with the exception of jewelry in the beginning of Summerset - if a blue piece gives you an insane set bonus, wear it if it's efficient). If you don't have sets farmed, please join related farming events in our Calendar if any, otherwise please try to join PUGs in the world at large. We might try to organize farming sessions and get you geared, if you don't see that happening, try asking on Discord - we can't solve a problem if we don't know it exists, right? Additionally, although not mandatory at initial stages, for vTrials having legendary quality weapons would increase your performance a lot, thus strongly recommended.


Regarding Vampires

If there is a lot of Fire Damage in the raid, you need to be at Vampiric stage 2, even 1 (with no Fire vulnerability).

As a Tank, you are not allowed to be a vampire: due to the changes to how Vampirism generally works, it's become quite prohibitive to be a vampire-tank. Thanks @arren2398 for bringing this to my attention!

Some useful videos regarding vampires: 


Alchemy: Medicinal Use

We strongly recommend all our Raiders to have mastered Medicinal Use passive in Alchemy skill line.


Role-specific Gear Requirements/Recommendations

  • Tanks
    Main tanks will need Roar of Alkosh, complemented with a secondary set which is usually Ebon Armory for more health for both the tank and group. Off-tank on the other hand will need support tanking sets equipped. Secondary sets and Support sets include: Ebon Armory, Torug's Pact, Akaviri Dragonguard, Roar of Alkosh.
  • Healers
    All healers will need access to Vestment of Olorime set with a flexible secondary set to complement each other and the boss mechanics, these secondary sets can be: Jorvuld's Guidance, The Worm's Raiment, Healing Mage, Sanctuary and especially for Templars: Kagrenac's Hope.

    Aggressive Horn - Tanks and Healers will need this ultimate unlocked and ready for vTrials, the benefits it gives outclasses every other support ultimate in the game and a rotation will need to be set up to capitalize on this ultimate's benefits. It would mostly be rotated at the very least every 30 sec, but with proper ultimate generation it should be tooted around every 10-15 sec to maximize the Crit buff uptime. Tanks have priority on tooting when needed, since it generates resources for them.


Once you have above pre-requisites met, please do the following to join the Raid Core:

  • Read Endgame Attendance Guidelines first, before continuing with next steps. If you don't like rules set there, you shouldn't join our Raid Core.
  • Apply to a Core by checking it on our Guild Planner and talking to its Leader. When agreed, a Leader will send you an invitation.


Good luck, Initiate!

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  • Ipsissimus

(document created by @Jaynoel)

For certain DLC vTrials, certain Meta sets like Mantle of Siroria and Arms of Relequen are not as useful as other sets, for multiple reasons. With Siroria the problem is the bonus gets lost outside the circle making it not as effective in movement-heavy trials. E.g.: In Cloudrest, Arms of Relequen is ineffective, as the stacks are removed every time the Boss moves. Good example to such bosses is the last boss in vMOL. Since we try to optimize everything in trials, we want MainRole DDs to have at least one replacement option if they use sets like Mantle of Siroria or Arms of Relequen.

Also for certain trials, Raid Leader might want of DDs to run certain sets to optimize the damage output. E.g.: Nightblades might be asked to run War Machine  or Master Architect sets in Cloudrest for this very reason. Or have a Stamina players run Sunderflame as it increases Penetration, when no Stamina Templar exists in group composition.

Following are the sets you should have for such circumstances:

Magicka Players

Stamina Players


Recommendations for Classes

Dragonknights: For Stamina players Vicious Serpent is good replacement in Trials, where Arms of Relequen is not used. The cost reduction and the movement speed makes this set valuable. For Magicka players, Moondancer or Infallible Mage are good replacements for Mantle of Siroria.

Nightblades: It is highly recommended that Nightblades have either War Machine or Master Architect, as this class offers a cheap ultimate and therefore a good uptime, giving 2x trial members, plus yourself a 15% Damage increase.

Sorcerers: For Stamina Sorcerers Vicious Serpent is a good replacement to Arms of Relequen. Pet-Sorcerers should consider Infallible Mage, while non-pet Sorcerers could use Moondancer as a replacement to Mantle of Siroria.

Templars: For Stamina Templars it is advised to replace Arms of Relequen with Vicious Serpent. War Machine could be used if the cheap ultimate Crescent Sweep is used. For Magicka Templars, sometimes Kagrenac's Hope would be a good replacement option as resurrection would be a lot easier. Otherwise Moondancer is better choice as a replacement to Mantle of Siroria.

Wardens: For Stamina Wardens War Machine can be used when Feral Guardian ultimate is used; otherwise Vicious Serpent is a better choice. For Magicka Wardens, in a similar way, Master Architect is an option when Feral Guardian ultimate is used, Moondancer otherwise.

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  • Ipsissimus

List of Tank sets, from the most-selfish ones towards support-heavy:

  • Jolting Arms (Dungeon, Tempest Island)
  • Order of Diagna (Overland, Alik'r Desert)
  • Orgnum's Scales (Craftable, The Earth Forge)
  • Warrior-Poet (Overland, Vvardenfell)
  • Jailer's Tenacity (Dungeon, Moon Hunter Keep)
  • Bani's Torment (Dungeon, Icereach)
  • Brands of Imperium (Dungeon, White-Gold Tower)
  • Hist Bark (Craftable, Rivenspire,  Greenshade,  Shadowfen)
  • Defending Warrior (Trial, Aetherian Archive)
  • Shalidor's Curse (Craftable, Eyevea)
  • Automated Defense (Trial, Halls of Fabrication)
  • Noble's Conquest (Craftable, Imperial City)
  • Fortified Brass (Craftable, The Clockwork City)
  • Mark of the Pariah (Overland, Wrothgar)
  • Glorious Defender (Arena, Maelstrom Arena)
  • Trial by Fire (Craftable, Wrothgar)
  • Grace of Gloom (Overland, Summerset)
  • Perfect Aegis of Galenwe (Trial, Cloudrest veteran)
  • Eternal Warrior (Trial, Hel Ra Citadel,  Aetherian Archive,  Sanctum Ophidia)
  • Mighty Chudan (Monster Set, Ruins of Mazzatun,  Urgarlag)
  • Renald's Resolve (Dungeon, Moongrave Fane)
  • Plague Doctor (Overland, Deshaan)
  • Beekeeper's Gear (Overland, Greenshade)
  • Sanctuary (Dungeon, The Banished Cells I,  The Banished Cells II)
  • Aetherial Ascension (Craftable, The Reach)
  • Undaunted Bastion (Dungeon, Elden Hollow I,  Elden Hollow II)
  • Duneripper's Scales (Dungeon, Volenfell)
  • Knightmare (Dungeon, Spindleclutch I,  Spindleclutch II)
  • Death's Wind (Craftable, Glenumbra,  Auridon,  Stonefalls)
  • Whitestrake's Retribution (Craftable, Rivenspire,  Greenshade,  Shadowfen)
  • Vampire's Kiss (Craftable, Alik'r Desert,  Malabal Tor,  Eastmarch)
  • Leeching Plate (Dungeon, Imperial City Prison)
  • Spectre's Eye (Craftable, Coldharbour)
  • Torug's Pact (Craftable, Grahtwood (Fisherman's Isle). Stormhaven (Hammerdeath Workshop). Deshaan (Lake Hlaalu Retreat).)
  • Song of Lamae (Craftable, Alik'r Desert,  Malabal Tor,  Eastmarch)
  • Alessia's Bulwark (Craftable, Alik'r Desert (Alezer Kotu),  Malabal Tor (Chancel of Divine Entreaty),  Eastmarch (Hammerhome))
  • Immortal Warrior (Trial, Sanctum Ophidia)
  • Scourge Harvester (Monster Set, Wayrest Sewers II,  Maj)
  • Ironblood (Dungeon, Falkreath Hold)
  • Hagraven's Garden (Dungeon, Bloodroot Forge)
  • Armor Master (Craftable, Imperial City,  Memorial District)
  • Livewire (Overland, The Clockwork City)
  • Adept Rider (Craftable, Crafting Station Summerset,  Northern Shimmerene)
  • Aegis of Galenwe (Trial, Cloudrest normal)
  • Lunar Bastion (Trial, Maw of Lorkhaj)
  • Vykosa (Monster Set, Moon Hunter Keep,  Urgarlag Chief-bane)
  • Haven of Ursus (Dungeon, March of Sacrifices)
  • Varen's Legacy (Craftable, The Gold Coast)
  • Hand of Mephala (Dungeon, Cradle of Shadows)
  • Akaviri Dragonguard (Overland, Eastmarch)
  • Storm Knight's Plate (Overland, Stormhaven)
  • Footman's Fortune (Arena, Dragonstar Arena)
  • Call of the Undertaker (Overland, Elsweyr)
  • Senche-raht's Grit (Craftable, Elsweyr)
  • Claw of Yolnahkriin (Trial, Sunspire)
  • Perfected Claw of Yolnahkriin (Trial, Veteran Sunspire)
  • Grave Guardian (Dungeon, Unhallowed Grave)
  • Perfect Vrol's Command (Trial, Kyne's Aegis)
  • Eternal Vigor (Overland, Western Skyrim & Blackreach)
  • Green Pact (Overland, Grahtwood)
  • Hatchling's Shell (Overland, Shadowfen)
  • Crimson Twilight (Dungeon, Castle Thorn)
  • Arkasis’s Genius (Dungeon, Stone Garden)
  • Draugr's Heritage (Overland, The Rift)
  • Meridia's Blessed Armor (Overland, Coldharbour)
  • Tormentor (Dungeon, The Banished Cells I,  The Banished Cells II)
  • Embershield (Dungeon, City of Ash I,  City of Ash II)
  • Ebon Armory (Dungeon, Crypt of Hearts I,  Crypt of Hearts II)
  • Drake's Rush (Dungeon, Black Drake Villa)
  • Foolkiller's Ward (Dungeon, The Cauldron)
  • Durok's Bane (Dungeon, Selene's Web)
  • Nikulas' Heavy Armor (Dungeon, Blessed Crucible)

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  • Glevissig (Gelmir) changed the title to Endgame Progression Preparation Reference
  • Ipsissimus

Support sets:

  • The Worm's Raiment,  (Dungeon, Vaults of Madness)
  • Spell Power Cure,  (Dungeon, White-Gold Tower)
  • Encratis's Behemoth (Monster Set, Black Drake Villa)
  • Master Architect,  (Trial, Halls of Fabrication)
  • War Machine,  (Trial, Halls of Fabrication)
  • Lord Warden,  (Monster Set, Imperial City Prison,  Urgarlag)
  • Trinimac's Valor,  (Overland, Wrothgar)
  • Vestment of Olorime,  (Trial, Cloudrest normal)
  • Jorvuld's Guidance,  (Dungeon, Scalecaller Peak)
  • Perfect Vestment of Olorime,  (Trial, Cloudrest veteran)
  • Roar of Alkosh,  (Trial, Maw of Lorkhaj)
  • Symphony of Blades,  (Monster Set, Depths of Malatar,  Urgalarg Chief-bane's undaunted chest)
  • Claw of Yolnahkriin,  (Trial, Sunspire)
  • Perfected Claw of Yolnahkriin,  (Trial, Veteran Sunspire)
  • Hollowfang Thirst,  (Dungeon, Moongrave Fane)
  • Z'en's Redress,  (Dungeon, Lair of Maarselok)
  • Dragon's Defilement,  (Dungeon, Lair of Maarselok)
  • Critical Riposte,  (Craftable, Cyrodiil,  Vlasterus)
  • Way of Martial Knowledge,  (Overland, Craglorn)
  • Elemental Catalyst,  (Dungeon, Stone Garden)
  • Sanctuary,  (Dungeon, The Banished Cells I,  The Banished Cells II)
  • Spelunker,  (Dungeon, Spindleclutch I,  Spindleclutch II)
  • Prayer Shawl,  (Dungeon, Spindleclutch I,  Spindleclutch II)

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  • Ipsissimus

Top Healer sets:

  • Healing Mage (Trial, Aetherian Archive)
  • Naga Shaman (Craftable, Murkmire)
  • Healer's Habit (Arena, Dragonstar Arena)
  • Spell Power Cure (Dungeon, White-Gold Tower)
  • Eyes of Mara (Craftable, Eyevea)
  • Inventor's Guard (Trial, Halls of Fabrication)
  • Draugr's Rest (Dungeon, Falkreath Hold)
  • Earthgore (Monster Set, Bloodroot Forge,  Urgarlag)
  • Timeless Blessing (Perfected) (Trial, Asylum Sanctorium)
  • Timeless Blessing (Trial, Asylum Sanctorium)
  • Wisdom of Vanus (Overland, Summerset Zone)
  • Jorvuld's Guidance (Dungeon, Scalecaller Peak)
  • Mender's Ward (Arena, Blackrose Prison)
  • Perfect Mender's Ward (Arena, Blackrose Prison)
  • Archer's Mind (Arena, Dragonstar Arena)
  • Call of the Undertaker (Overland, Elsweyr)
  • Senche-raht's Grit (Craftable, Elsweyr)
  • Sentinel of Rkugamz (Monster Set, Darkshade Caverns I,  Maj)
  • The Troll King (Monster Set, Blessed Crucible,  Glirion)
  • Kyne's Wind (Trial, Kyne's Aegis)
  • Perfect Kyne's Wind (Trial, Kyne's Aegis)
  • Combat Physician (Dungeon, Wayrest Sewers I,  Wayrest Sewers II)
  • Prayer Shawl (Dungeon, Spindleclutch I,  Spindleclutch II)

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